Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who we are
— Eric Schiffman

Kat's special brand of yoga will leave you feeling renewed and aligned with body, mind and spirit.  Please contact Kat at or 323-633-2099 if you would like to schedule your own private session.  



It has often been said that doing anything with total attention is yoga.  The current culture praises the ability to multi-task, encourages us to divide our attention amongst the continually growing array of social media outlets and makes sure we have our smart phone, laptop, iPad, Apple watch and any other possible available device synced up with alerts on the ready so we don’t miss anything.  Is it any wonder our attention spans have reportedly dropped to 8 seconds? That’s 1 second less than the attention span of a goldfish!

It is vitally important to our physical and energetic health to learn to pay attention to how we perceive and react to our world and then to shine the light of mindful awareness on the habitual ways of being that no longer serve to empower our physical and energetic experience.

Yoga in it’s most original sense means “to yoke” or “to unify” the personality with the most highly evolved consciousness. Kat McGee has developed a unique and profound technique that removes all of the dogma often associated with yoga and incorporates hands-on tools based in Eastern Psychology that have been scientifically proven to interrupt old neurological patterns and re-wire the physiology of the brain with healthier patterns aligned with the individual’s most empowered wisdom.  

Our neurological patterns tend to be deeply imbedded and many are a function of our basic human evolution.  Understanding our patterns and their origins and learning to release the critical mind towards ourselves in the process, is fundamental in fully transforming them. When you’ve reached the point where you know you are ready to grow into the fullest version of yourself,  having a teacher and mindfulness coach who can remind you of what you deeply know to be true for you and empower you to step into that truth is a crucial catalyst for your journey.

Kat’s personal philosophy and eclectic approach has been developed over the span of 30+ years of intensive study, travel and personal practice and has been deeply influenced by some of the greatest philosophical and scientific minds of all times.  Her deep love of personal freedom to be who we are and to change our minds as we receive new information coupled with her no-nonsense, pragmatic method offers her clients a healing, safe and freeing space to come completely into their power and often produces immediate, life giving shifts. Kat does not consider herself a “guru” but rather a fellow sojourner on the path to freedom from the societal and conditioned constructs that keep us feeling a lingering dissatisfaction.  She believes it is by stepping out of fear and approval based action and into freedom from “the good opinion of other people”, as Maslow so beautifully put it, that is the only remedy for lasting peace and joy.