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Oleg Bouimer,
Head Massage Therapist

SOULSPACE offers therapeutic massage with Oleg Bouimer, recently inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame, and named "Best Sports Massage in LA" by Allure Magazine.  

Oleg has been teaching and practicing  massage for 30 years.  As a former professional athlete, he is familiar with the types of injuries and pain athletes endure.  He is trained in multiple types of massage, including Russian Medical Massage, Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage  Oleg has developed his own unique therapeutic style which is very effective at relieving pain and releasing muscles adhesions to restore smooth functioning.  

He was recently appointed Head Massage Therapist and Rehab Consultant for the Russian Olympic Triathlon Team and trains massage therapists around the country.  

Oleg is available at SoulSpace Malibu for massage by appointment.  Please call or text 310-709-2536 to book.

Rates:  $150 per hour in office

House calls $200 and up

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Dr. Kaufman has a busy practice in Scottsdale,  Arizona at Scottsdale Neurology where he treats everyone from athletes to children with his unique soft tissue approach to chiropractic. We are fortunate to have Dr. Kaufman visit SoulSpace once a month for a week to treat our patients.  Dr. Kaufman's practice style is based on the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology and three aspects of the muscle system: tension, trigger points and fascia.  He uses a gentle manual technique to release areas of constriction and tension and relieve pain and optimize function.

Dr. Kaufman holds a B.S. in Health & Physical Education, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, and is trained in Stecco Fascial Manipulation.