"The highest goal of music is to connect one’s soul to their Divine Nature,” Pythagoras (569- 475 BC)

SOUND BATHS are offered at SoulSpace with Helane Anderson.  Helane is a classically trained musician and cranial sacral massage therapist who became interested in the healing benefits of sound and now focuses her musical gifts with an intent to heal by helping people achieve deep relaxed states of being, releasing stress and trauma, to activate one’s true potential. Deep relaxation helps the body release stress,  which is so important for preserving health and longevity.

For information on upcoming events please call 310-317-9500.

"Every cell in our body is a sound resonator. Every cell lives in a dynamic rhythmic pattern. Each organ has its own cycle and its own pulse. Each and every system has a cycle, rhythm, pattern, and pulse that exist in resonant harmony and sympathy to the cycles of the earth and the heavens. These body systems respond to sound vibration, as do our spiritual, mental, and emotional states of consciousness. "        - Donna Carey, LAc, Founder of Acutonics

Sound affects our brainwaves—the patterns of electrical activity generated by the billions of neural cells in the human brain. Different levels of consciousness generate brainwaves at specific frequencies. Science has shown that when people listen to sound vibrations and rhythmic sounds matched to a particular frequency, their brainwaves begin exhibiting the same frequency. This process is called “brain entrainment,” and it’s how we can harness the power of the mind to help heal the body.

The idea that sound affects the health of the mind and body is not new. Chanting and mantra recitation have been part of Eastern practices for thousands of years. 

SOUND HEALING with planetary tuning forks and chimes is also offered with Corie Tappin, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. using the Acutonics System.  Corie is an Acutonics Level 8 practitioner and has been trained under the founders of the system.