Medical Qi Gong is an ancient form of Chinese energetic medicine which is designed to correct energetic imbalances and blockages in the body.  During Medical Qi Gong, the practitioner may touch areas on the patient's body, or their hands may simply pass over the patient's body.  The patient may experience sensation or may feel nothing at all depending upon how sensitive he or she is to subtle energy movements.  

Qi Gong is also a personal practice centered around simple breathing and movement exercises as well as meditations.  The purpose of a personal practice is to strengthen one's spirit and body.  The practitioner may also give the patient a Qi Gong to do for their own home treatment.

The utmost man uses the heart like a mirror; he does not escort things as they go or welcome them as they come, he responds and does not store.
— Zhuangzi, 3rd century BCE