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Acupuncture is designed to interact with the body's Qi or internal energy.  It is thought that Qi flows through the body in meridians or pathways, similar to the nervous system or the venous system.  Acupuncture affects the nervous system in a very profound way and helps get the body out of “fight and flight”.  There are hundreds of acupuncture points on the body, with many different indications for use.  By stimulating different acupuncture points a practitioner can help relieve pain, stress & inflammation, regulate hormones, and initiate your own self-healing mechanism, among many other things.  A typical acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of anywhere from 5-20 tiny, sterile needles into specific points on the body.  Normally a patient will rest or sleep with needles in a quiet room, on a heated massage table for 25-45 minutes.  

At SoulSpace we believe that deep relaxation is important for healing, so extra care is taken to ensure a painless and comfortable treatment.