CORIE TAPPIN,  L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.

Corie Tappin, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. is the founder and owner of SoulSpace Malibu. She is a Board-certified Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, educated at Brown University (B.A.) and Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where she was taught by renowned doctors Dr. Mao, Dr. Dao and Dr. Huabing Wen.  She also serves on the Board of Trustees of Yo San University.

She treats a wide variety of health issues, including pain management, athletes and orthopedic concerns, women's health & wellness, addiction, stress, and depression. She is also trained in medical Qigong energy healing and Acutonics Sound Healing therapy.


Bridget Perrin Gardner, L.Ac.

Bridget Perrin Gardner graduated with honors from Yo San University in 1997.  She completed a post-graduate internship at Wang Jing Hospital in Beijing, China.  Bridget owned and operated a busy private practice in Malibu, California for 12 years before taking time off to raise her son.

In addition to extensive experience in wellness and vitality, she holds specialties in pediatrics, orthopedics, addiction and cosmetic acupuncture.



Kat McGee is reputed as one of the most progressive yoga teachers and coaches on the West Coast. Formally trained while living in India under the guidance of Swami Vishveketu and currently serving as a Lululemon Ambassador, she holds numerous certifications totaling over 1000 hours and is registered as an ERYT-500 Instructor with Yoga Alliance.

Kat's approach to yogic arts is physically stimulating and ultimately heart centered. She holds transformative space for people from all backgrounds from the corporate and celebrity arenas to single parents. Her ability to meet individuals exactly where they are with complete acceptance is the pinnacle of what makes her technique so powerful. 


DR. Jason Kaufman, The Kaufman pain release Method

Dr. Kaufman has a busy practice in Scottsdale,  Arizona at Scottsdale Neurology where he treats everyone from athletes to children with his unique therapy, "The Kaufman Pain Relief Method".  We are fortunate to have Dr. Kaufman visit SoulSpace once a month for a week to treat our patients.  Dr. Kaufman's practice style is based on the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology and three aspects of the muscle system: tension, trigger points and fascia.  He uses a gentle manual technique to release areas of constriction and tension and relieve pain and optimize function.

Dr. Kaufman has a B.S. in Health & Physical Education, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, and is trained in Stecco Fascial Manipulation.

Initial Session: 90 mins/$200

Follow-up Sessions: 60 mins/$150


Oleg Bouimer, Head Massage Therapist

Winner of "The Best Expert Award" from Allure Magazine, Oleg has worked with elite athletes in the former USSR and NBA, NHL and NFL players in the USA. He is the Director of Advanced Studies at the Southern California Health Institute and has been on the cutting edge of sports massage therapy and rehabilitation for over 30 years. Oleg continues to work with celebrity clientele and remains committed to continued research and education by way of his non-profit organization, the Global Wellness Institute. 


HELANE ANDERSON, sound healing

Practitioner Helane Anderson holds a certificate in Sound Healing and Sound Therapy from the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco and is also a trained classical singer and pianist. Drawn to the power of music at an early age, Helane now focuses her musical gifts with an intent to heal and activate people to create deep relaxed states, release stress and trauma and to activate one's true potential. Helane is also an Integrative Cranio Sacral Practicioner through the Life Energy Institute in Topanga, CA and a Certified Massage Therapist trained at I.P.S.B., the institute for Physcho-Structural Balancing.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.
— Hippocrates