In Chinese medicine we believe that each child is unique. By customizing the treatment 

plan to each child’s individual needs, Pediatric Acupuncture focuses on a natural 

resolution and illness prevention by stimulating healing and restoring the body’s own 

resilience. No parent wants to accept that their child may "grow out of it" when it's clear 

they are suffering. There are many options for treatment and modern acupuncture is 

done using painless needles and non-needle treatment techniques such as electro-stim, 

laser acupuncture, shonishin rubbing, tuina massage and acupressure.  So, even 

children apprehensive to needles will find treatments reassuring, easy and painless. 

Herbal medicine is also extremely beneficial and is considered a large part of the 

treatment plan.  

Chinese medicine is effective at treating a wide range of pediatric concerns, including 

dietary allergies, seasonal allergies, digestive issues, anxiety, sleep disturbances, ADD, 

cold/ flu/ ear infections, and general well-child health and immunity.

At SoulSpace Malibu, we integrate Chinese medicine with other treatments and 

therapies the child may be undergoing, such as Western medications, allergy 

treatments, etc. If needed, we will work together with your doctor to help heal your